Cub Scout Pack 306

2023-2024 Scouting Season

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Visit us, meet our Scouts and Leaders. For information on joining you can send an email to us.


What is Cub Scouts

Webelos Lions Cub scouts is an extension of Scouts BSA and is focused on elementary age kids. Scouts BSA is what most people think about when they hear "Scouts" and that program is focused on Middle School and High School kids.

Cub Scouts is broken down into "Dens" by grade and given names:

Icon Den Grade Guardian Focus
shield Lion Kindergarden Required Become familiar with the ideas scouting
shield Tiger First Required Participation
shield Wolf Second Drop off Apply the principles of scoutings
shield Bear Third Drop off Hands on intro to tools, cooking, fire, others
shield Webelos 1 Forth grade Drop off Transition to Scouts BSA
shield Webelos 2 Firth grade Drop off Transition to Scouts BSA

Our Activities

Pine Wood Derby A Pine Wood Derby Winner

We meet every Wednesday during the school year and once a month durring the summer. In our weekly Den meetings scouts learn citizenship, build character, and practice leadership. Once a month we also meet as a whole Pack. These are called Pack Meetings.

Pack Meeting Science



Camping Camping

Twice a year we do "family camping". These take place in the fall and the spring. Family camping means scouts and at least one gardian attend, however the entire family is invited. Scouts need to attend at least one camping event for their rank requirements but are encouraged to join both. Camping events are a great way to connect with nature, go on hikes and learn the basics of fire safety, cooking, and team work.

Becoming a Scout

Racing Day

  1. filling out an application form (new scouts only),
  2. filling out a health form,
  3. pay dues on our web store.]

After joining, all Scouts should own a cub scout handbook for their Den. This book show all the requirements needed to achieve the "rank" award for the age of the scout. There are required "adventures" and electives. Parents and Scouts are free to work on as many of the electives as they can. In fact, many kids are already doing qualifying activities (like learning to swim) towards awards.

They will also need a uniform. Cub scouts are color coordinated by Den (grade) both for the scouts benefit and the adults. We ask that at minimum parents provide for:

Cub Scout Uniform

Uniforms come in long sleeve and short sleeve options. Most parents get the short sleeve and put the kid in a long sleeve undershirt.

Pants and socks are optional. Awards are worn on both Shirt and Belt so these really are a must. The color coordinated neckerchief and hat help the scout feel a sense of belonging to their Den and it helps the adults guide the scout to where he/she belongs.

Each year we also provided a "class-b" tee-shirt for use at events and activities where scouts might get dirty (we try to have many of these).


Fall Signup

Fall registration is simple. Just show up on sign up night (first Wednesday of September) and fill out the required forms, pay dues and that is it. if you have any questions, by all means send us an email.


Any Time Signup

You can sign up for scouts at any time. Unlike the fall event, all you have to do is fill in the forms below for your scout and come to a den event, where you can begin participating right away. We are a year long pack and will have at least one event per month over the summer.

Send an email to and we will help you get started.


Late Registrations or Transfers

If your interested in joining us outside of a signup event, by all means contact us. We accept scouts year round, however after December it may be challenging to catch scouts up with award requirements without a bit of work at home on the scout's and parents' side.